Many HSE district students earn regional Scholastic Art Awards

Release Date: February 9th, 2012

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of Central and Southern Indiana were announced recently, and many art students from our district were among the award winners. Honors include Gold Key, Silver Key as well as Honorable Mention. Students earning Gold Keys can advance to the national competition. A panel of regional artists selected the award winners from 2,400 submissions.

An exhibition of student works will be at Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University, Tues. Feb. 14 through Sunday Feb. 26 (Monday through Friday , 9-5 p.m.) The Awards ceremony is Sunday, Feb. 26 at 12:30 p.m.

Hamilton Southeastern High School - 58 winners and 3 American Vision nominees

Only five American Vision nominations are awarded to the most outstanding Gold Key entries from each Indiana region.

American Vision Nominees: Elliott Gress, mixed media; Katie Percival, sculpture; Josh Query, sculpture.

Gold Keys: Emma Benschop, sculpture; Emmy Goodin, sculpture; Jessica Issa; painting; Clare Jensen; painting & sculpture; Cory Kennedy, design; Mariah Meredith, painting; Brooke Morgan, painting; Jake Shonborn, mixed media & painting; Parker Sisson, painting; Gabrielle Town, sculpture; Maureen vanEmpeh, drawing; Kayla Wagner, drawing; Mckensey Walker, drawing &painting; Erica Wiley, (2) drawing.

Silver Keys: Alyson Faultless, drawing; Emmy Goodin, sculpture & ceramics; Elliott Gress, painting; Jessica Issa, drawing; Cory Kennedy, ceramics; Jae Lee, drawing; Brooke Morgan, painting; Katie Percival, sculpture; Sapphire Perez, sculpture; Jake Shonborn, drawing; Jordan Tatom, drawing; Gabrielle Town, ceramics; Kayla Wagner, drawing; Erica Wiley, drawing; Paul Witcher, sculpture

Honorable Mentions: Abby Bennett, (2) sculpture; Emma Benschop, (2) sculpture; Grace Connell, drawing; Sam Garrison, sculpture; Elliott Gress, drawing &mixed media; RachylMenke, (2) drawing; Mariah Meredith, painting; Sapphire Perez, jewelry; Josh Query, (2) sculpture; Claire Runde, sculpture; Suzanne Schaefer, painting; Jake Shonborn, drawing; Parker Sisson, (2) painting; Maureen vanEmpeh, drawing; Paul Witcher, sculpture

Winners’ teachers include Bob Gabbert, Angela Fritz and Daniel Moosbrugger.

Fishers High School - 37 winners

Gold Keys: Emma Logan, sculpture; Lydia Smyth, drawing; Anya Talatinian, (2) sculpture & drawing; Rebecca Turgeon, fashion; Thomas Williamson, sculpture

Silver Keys: Mariah Boncek, ceramics/glass; Amanda Duba, drawing; Megan Greiling, painting; Alexandria Martin, ceramics/glass; Katie Swift, painting; Caitlin Tyner, ceramics/glass; Alexis Walsky, sculpture; Kathryn Zobel, painting

Honorable Mentions: Jamie Amador, sculpture; Lily Anderson, painting; Sydney Dickerson, sculpture; Anna Eppert, drawing; Janka Gal, sculpture; KaitlynneHarpel, mixed media; Katie Harper, drawing; Jordan Heiniger, design; Abby Horn, design; Katie Lea, design; Emily McAvoy, painting; Emily McAvoy, painting; Sarah Novak-Sheward, drawing; Matthew Schwier, (2) sculpture; Kailey Sullivan, (2) painting; Nicole Swardenski, mixed media; Caitlin Tyner, sculpture; Amber Woldahl, painting; Kathryn Zobel, painting & drawing

Winners’ teachers include Lisa Brown, Abbey Browning, Jasmine Osborne and Erin Warner.

Fishers Junior High - 23 winners

Gold Keys: Courtney Counts, mixed media; Abby Dunagin, drawing; Natalie Haddad, photography; Ferris Nimri, sculpture; Ambria Taylor, mixed media; Callie Zimmerman, drawing

Silver Keys: Emily Arnold, sculpture; Melanie Erkenrath, mixed media; Tanner Huisman, (2) drawing; Abbie Roth, drawing

Honorable Mentions: Emily Arnold, sculpture; Abby Belt, photography; Courtney Counts, design; Abby Dillow, photography; JB Fry, design and (2) sculpture; Jordan Heiniger, photography; Kelly Morse, sculpture; Emma Rund, mixed media; Cameron Stockbarger, mixed media; Emma Vance, drawing

Winners’ teacher was Julie Strawhacker (except Emma Rund).

Hamilton Southeastern Junior High – 73 winners

Gold Keys: Jake Adam, printmaking; Abigail Brunory, painting; Rachel Buckingham, ceramics/glass; Noelle Cawston, ceramics; Ronda Christie, drawing; Rachel Clark, photography; Bailey Coleman, ceramics; Christine Grosso, ceramics; Abby Miner, photography

Silver Keys: Jessica Allan, ceramics; Grace Bohlsen, ceramics/glass; Ronda Christie, painting; Austen Dombrowski, ceramics; Teyah Dyson, (2) photography; CaylaFriesz, photography; Brooke Hanes, (2) photography; Chaire Haxton, ceramics/glass; Katie Noble, ceramics/glass; Sarah Novak-Sheward, (2) drawing; Emily Obear, photography; MaddieOzbun, photography; Madison Park, ceramics/glass; Alexandra Riebel, photography

Honorable Mentions:Ibbrah Ahmed, painting; Anna Berman, painting; Kassie Braun, printmaking; Abigail Brunory, sculpture; Taylor Chandler, ceramics/glass; Ronda Christie, ceramics; Rachel Clark, (2) photography; Ashley Cox, sculpture; HaleighDeVoe, mixed media & printmaking; Austin Dombrowski, ceramics; Alyssa Flint, ceramics/glass; Cayla Friesz, (3) photography; Adrienne Gengenbach, painting; Haley Gengenbach, painting & sculpture; Brooke Hanes, ceramics/glass & photography; Alycia Hench, (3) photography; Sally Johnson, photography; Isaac Keaffaber, printmaking; Katie Kennedy, mixed media; Jacqueline Malayter, (2) painting & sculpture; Abby Miner, photography; Courtney Neely, (2) photography; Sarah Novak-Sheward, ceramics/glass; Mary O’Leary, ceramics/glass; Veronica Olson, painting; Madison Park, painting; Ashley Perry, photography; Audrey Renshaw, painting; Caitlin Scholl, mixed media; Molly Simmons, (3) painting; Emma Somers, photography; Jack Thomson, painting; Sedona Valdez, photography; Maddie Van Oostenburg, painting

Winners’ teachers were Kathy Gammons, Kim Adams and Shelly Feeney.

Riverside Junior High – 8 winners

Gold Keys: Carson Henley, printmaking

Silver Keys: Olivia Korte, painting

Honorable Mentions: Chase Cannon, ceramics/glass & sculpture; Nathan Greiling, ceramics/glass; Yasmine Sami, painting; Sarah Shipley, sculpture; Kate Yancy, ceramics/glass

Winners’ teachers were Meghan Pearson and Nikki Boram.

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