October 11th Schedule for PSAT/P-ACT

Wednesday, October 11th all students in grades 9-11 will be taking the PSAT or Practice ACT test.

We will be running a modified schedule and students will test during periods 1 - 4.   Students should bring at least two non-mechanical #2 pencils and a calculator.  Because students in grades 9-11 will be testing, the Attendance Office will not be able to deliver early dismissal passes until after 11:30.  

Seniors will not need to report to school until 11:00 AM Wednesday morning because they are not involved in testing.  Instead, seniors will be completing a series of College and Career activities that will be e-mailed to their school e-mail and posted to Canvas on Wednesday morning.  Again, these tasks do not have to be completed on campusAs a result, seniors are not required to arrive to school until 11:00 on Wednesday, October 11th. 

Seniors should report to the Varsity Gym at 11:00 AM for their class picture. 

Space will be provided during the morning for those seniors who are not able to arrange a later ride to school.

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