Academic Programs

Students reading in Media Center

Student Learning Time (SLT)

SLT ends the students day with:

Accountability/value for completed homework
Improve student opportunity for learning
Student/teacher - One on One time
Peer tutoring
Reading time
Establishing good study habits
ISTEP prep
Intervention - extra help

Most students will be assigned to heterogeneous classes. Exceptions occur in English and mathematics. Advanced classes exist in 7th and 8th grade English, mathematics, science and foreign language. Eighth grade math students will have four options: regular math, algebra, honors algebra or honors geometry. Eights graders may also take a world language if the student meets the grade requirements for the class.

Physical Education

All students must purchase a Hamilton Southeastern Junior High School physical education uniform (shorts and tee shirt) to be worn in class. They will be sold the first week of class. Eighth graders may use their old Southeastern Junior High uniforms if they wish.

Special Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities: Within the outlined schedules, enrichment programs and activities are also provided. The science and social studies staffs have designed several special enrichment activities for their classes which will extend the scope and design of what we normally see as typical classroom activities.

All seventh graders are offered a chance to participate in our award winning outdoor education program. With over 98% participation since its formation, students attend a three-day, two night camp near Lafayette, Indiana. Under the direction of teachers, camp personnel, and specially selected high school counselors, our students complete a wide assortment of environmental and ecological activities.

A unique program at HSJHS is an English composition class for all seventh graders. This class is taught in addition to the year-long language arts class. The purpose of the class is help students to more fully develop their writing skills. An eighth grade composition course further develops writing skills with a focus on journalism. Those students who demonstrate a mastery of writing skills after the seventh grade course may opt to take a foreign language class in the eighth grade which includes Spanish, German, and French.

Other Programs: All junior high school students receive computer literacy training throughout various classes in our computer labs. Math and science teachers integrate database and spreadsheet activities into the regular curriculum.

Tutoring by licensed teachers in math is available on a "drop-in" basis weekly. The tutoring program is designed for all students, both those who need extra help and those who are doing well, but want to do better.

Special Activities: Within the subject areas there are also individual activities that provide exciting, in-depth learning experiences. The Bay view environmental simulation, egg drops, model rocket projects, photography, lab experiences, CPR, social studies debates and simulations, research papers, computer assisted learning, cultural fairs, and Rube Goldberg contests are only a few of the activities that should help to answer the age old question, "What did you learn in school today?"

The DARE program is taught in health classes with the goal of curbing drug and alcohol abuse among our students. An evening parent/student communication program for seventh grade students further emphasizes our commitment to curb substance abuse among our students. Parent involvement is of the utmost importance in all of these programs.