Regional Scholastic contest honors district student artists with awards

Release Date: February 25th, 2013

Student artists from Hamilton Southeastern’s two high schools and three junior highs earned awards in the recent Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. Student work was judged by a panel of art professionals and selected for Gold Key, Silver Key or Honorable Mention recognition. Gold Keys go to the most accomplished works, Silver Keys for distinguished works and Honorable Mentions to promising artists. Gold Key winners qualify to continue in national competition. Gold and Silver key award winners artwork will be on display in Clowes Memorial Hall Tuesday, March 5 through Sunday, March 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fishers High School

Gold Keys: Teachers Jasmine Osborne, Abbey Browning, Lisa Brown: Thomas Williamson, art portfolio; Teachers Browning & Osborne: Thomas Williamson, mixed media; Teacher Jasmine Osborne: Thomas Williamson, sculpture; Anya Talatinian, ceramics & glass; Teacher Browning: Alicia Carmer, painting; Tabitha Kennedy, drawing; Katie Kordesh, painting; Teacher Erin Warner: Emily McAvoy, painting

Silver Keys: Teacher Brown: Haley Andrews, photography; Alicia Carmer, photography (2 winners); Cari Vogt, sculpture; Teacher Browning: Samantha Cabel, painting; Riley Dismore, painting; Shelby Hobbs, mixed media; Katie Lea, painting; Sarah Novakk-Sheward, painting (2 winners); Thomas Williamson, mixed media; Teacher Danielle Ontiveros: Anya Talatinian, drawing; Teacher Osborne: Sean Campbell, ceramics & glass; Kylie Smith, ceramics & glass; Shelbi Tidd, sculpture; Teacher Warner: Chris Dixon, drawing; Emily McAvoy, painting

Honorable Mentions: Teacher Brown: Amanda Hoover, sculpture; Kylie Krummel, sculpture; Lindsey Martin, photography; Teacher Browning: Maryam Bacchus, painting; Camille Campbell, painting; Katie Kordesh, painting; Sydney Lavell, drawing; Sarah Novak-Sheward, painting; Teacher Osborne: Hannah Alveal, ceramics & glass; Garryn Bryant, sculpture; Brittany Stankavich, ceramics & glass; Clay Thomas, ceramics & glass; Teacher Warner: Brittany Greenwalt, drawing; Emily McAvoy, drawing

Hamilton Southeastern High School

Gold Keys – Teacher Liz Clark: Adrienne Gengenback, photography; Teacher Angela Fritz: Katherine Thomas, photography (3 winners); Jessica Issa, drawing; Emma Adams, painting; Jessica Leuther, painting; Jake Shonborn, painting; Megan Taylor, painting; Teacher Robert Gabbert: Natalie Linton, ceramics; Jessi Clark, sculpture; Sam Garrison, sculpture (2 winners) Emily Obear, sculpture

Silver Keys – Teacher Fritz: Katherine Thomas, photography; Melissa Dille, drawing; Jessica Issa, drawing; Clare Jensen, drawing; Megan Taylor, drawing; Emma Adams, painting (2 winners); Vera Benschop, painting (2 winners); Sarah Johnson, painting; Mark Kim, painting; Alexandra Makris, painting; Emma Ng, painting; Megan Taylor, painting; Allyson Watson, painting; Alexandra Makris, mixed media; Jake Shonborn, mixed media, portfolio; Vera Benschop, painting; Teacher Gabbert: Abby Bennett, ceramics; Jessi Clark, ceramics; Madison Conway, ceramics; Cody Fiesz, ceramics; Carli Town, ceramics; Kat Cromwell, sculpture; Sam Garrison, sculpture (2 winners); Katie Percival, sculpture (2 winners); Elena Peters, sculpture; Kayla Seymour, sculpture; Sally Johnson, sculpture

Honorable Mentions – Teacher Fritz: Katherine Thomas, photography; Vera Benschop, drawing (2 winners); Jessica Liebeno, drawing; Brooke Poor, drawing; JB Fry, painting; Sarah Johnson, painting; Jessica Liebeno, painting; Alexandra Makris, painting; Mariam Saeedi, painting; Jake Shonborn, mixed media; Teacher Gabbert: Abby Bennett, ceramics; Indica Bennett, ceramics; Madison Conway, ceramics; Abby Bennett, sculpture; Emma Benschop, sculpture (2 winners); Graham Brosius, sculpture; Emily Obear, sculpture; Katie Percival, sculpture

Riverside Junior High

Gold Keys: Teacher Nikki Boram: Alex Baumgartner, drawing; Grace Beard, photography; Haili Brown, drawing, digital art, ceramics; Chase Cannon, drawing (2 winners) Teacher Amber Eklund: Andrew Bird, printmaking

Silver Keys: Teacher Boram: Chase Cannon, drawing (2 winners); Olivia Korte, ceramics; Taylor Rambo, painting; Teacher Eklund: Mike Folta, painting

Honorable Mentions: Teacher Boram: Alex Baumgartner, drawing; Haili Brown, painting; Olivia Korte, painting; Carson Henley, painting; Teacher Meghan Pearson: Carson Henley, comic art; Drew Jarvis, ceramics; Olivia Korte, ceramics

Hamilton Southeastern Junior High

Gold Keys – Teacher Kim Adams: Kasey Coverdale, painting; Teacher Michelle Feeney: Camron Clevenger, printmaking; Adam Darroca, Printmaking; Phoebe Garrett, ceramics & glass; Teacher Kathy Gammons: Nicholas Baehl, photography; Connor Bryant, photography; Clara Edwards, photography (2 winners); Taryn Field, ceramics & glass; Ryan Frank, photography; Dagny Gladwell, photography; Sydney Knurek, photography; Mary O’Leary, ceramics & glass; Nikko Rocha, photography; Zachary Silcox, drawing; Rachel Sweeney, photography

Silver Keys – Teacher Adams: Sarah Allison, painting; Luke Jolly, mixed media; Daphne Mack, painting; Madeline Martin, mixed media; Molly Simmons, drawing; Stephen Vukovits, painting (2 winners); Teacher Feeney: Adam Shumaker, printmaking; Teacher Gammons: Nicholas Baehl, photography; Abigail Banning, drawing; Connor Bryant, photography (2 winners); Rachel Buckingham, ceramics & glass; Adrienne Gengenbach, painting; Julia Kim, painting; Ashton Knight, ceramics & glass; Rachel Nigh, photography; Katie Noble, painting; Madison Park, painting; Carly Rasmussen, ceramics & glass; Lauren Schreck, drawing; Molly Simmons, drawing, painting; Sedona Valdez, photography; Stephen Vukovits, ceramics & glass; Anna Young, photography

Honorable Mentions – Teacher Adams: Luke Jolly, painting; Daphne Mack, mixed media; Jesse Sweet, painting; Teacher Feeney: Taylor Chandler, printmaking; Ashley Cho, sculpture; Kevin Slaninka, printmaking; Teacher Gammons: Nicholas Baehl, photography (2 winners); Abigail Banning, ceramics & glass; Clara Edwards, photography; Abby Farrand, mixed media; Ryan Frank, photography; Cooper Froehlich, ceramics & glass; Sally Johnson, ceramics & glass, drawing; Julia Kim ceramics & glass; Madison Myers, photography; Rachel Nigh, photography (3 winners); Madison Park, ceramics & glass, drawing; Carly Rasmussen, drawing; Jaclyn Reynolds, photography; Zachary Silcox, ceramics & glass; Molly Simmons, painting (2 winners); Rachel Sweeney, photography; Sedona Valdez, photography; Stephen Vukovits, painting; Anna Young, photography

Fishers Junior High

Gold Keys: Teacher Julie Strawhacker: Trey Guinta, mixed media; Claire Haupt, mixed media; Mackenzie Hayden, design; Lauren Sivak, photography; Ali Spires, design; Ryo Sugasawa, sculpture; Tamara Vo, drawing

Silver Keys: Teacher Strawhacker: Claire Haupt, drawing; Estefania Hernandez, sculpture; Madelyn Rump, sculpture

Honorable Mention: Teacher Strawhacker: Katherine Addison, drawing; Bianca Blann, photography; Estefania Hernandez, design; Lucy Kelly, sculpture

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