Library Announcements and Contacts

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Library Staff and Hours

The library at the Main Campus is staffed by one certified library media specialist, one instructional assistant and several student aides. It is a bustling center of activity from the moment the doors open at 7:15 am until the end of the school day. Scheduled classes and students from study halls, Smart periods and lunches make up most of the patron visits on a daily basis.

General Hours

Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Karin Foster, Library Media Specialist


Stephanie Peterson, Library Media Assistant


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Mission of the HSE HS Media Center

The mission of the HSEHS library media program is to provide opportunities for students to develop information literacy skills, encourage life-long learning habits, and foster a love of reading.

Our mission objectives are to:

  • Provide equitable access to accurate information.
  • Provide learning experiences to develop new knowledge and to solve problems using accurate information.
  • Provide opportunities for independent, lifelong learning and personal satisfaction experiences to develop the ability to access, evaluate and use information.
  • Provide instruction regarding the ethical use of information, respect for differing opinions and backgrounds, the principles of intellectual freedom, and the intellectual property rights of others.

Library Documents

No documents are available at this time.