Math Team

This team is composed of students who are interested in socializing with others while problem-solving. This club sponsors mathematics competitions including Mathfax, Indiana Math League, Rose Hulman Math Day, the American Mathematics Competition, and the Indiana State Math competition. Students must be active members of Math Club in order to be eligible for Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honorary. This club is open to any student.

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Math Team Officers

Valerie Obear, President–
Sam Chilson, Officer -
Hana Ghoneima, Officer -
Jack Herzog, Officer –
Aryan Mishra, Officer –
Charmis Patel, Officer -
Lillian Ton, Officer –

MathFax and IML Dates 2017-18

MathFax: November 8, December 6, February 8, March 7 - Main Cafeteria, and Cafeteria D

IML: October 24, November 14, December 12, January 9, February 13, March 20 - Room F135


Mary Carson, Christine Hamilton, and Naomi Jackson

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