Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education (ICE)

The program serves as a means for a student to explore entry level work in a future career. The program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job learning experiences consistent with the student's occupational objectives. The program would have a class-related period and a regularly scheduled time that the student would be released from school two periods to be employed throughout the school year. Students enrolled in this program must make a commitment for the entire year.

INT300 - Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education Related Instruction (5902)

Workplace competencies and foundation skills such as orientation to a new job, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, evaluations, self-management, decision-making, critical thinking, and responsibility are covered and related to real-world working situations. For more information go to (1 period, 1 credit per semester). Requirement - Completion of an application and an interview.

INT400 - Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education Part-Time Employment (5900)

This course enables students to develop and refine occupational competencies needed to acquire and succeed in a job, adjust to the employment, and advance in an occupation of their choice. On-the-job instruction is supervised by the employer. They work closely with the teacher-coordinator in planning student learning experiences, which are compatible with student and employer goals. Students are to work a minimum of 540 hours during the school year (15 hours per week on average). The student would be released from school for 2 periods per day. For more information go to (2 periods, 2 credits per semester). Requirement - Completion of an application and interview.

Program Application and Criteria

Student should have a stated career objective in an occupation, be responsible for his own transportation to and from job, should be physically, emotionally, mentally, and morally capable of performing his career objective, be an incoming senior, should have an excellent attendance record, have parental consent, be willing to accept responsibility and follow instructions, and should have the ability to work with others. Student will need to fill out an application in February of the proceeding semester, provide references, and will then be interviewed by the Coordinator. The student is responsible for securing an appropriate job position

More Information

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