Program and Course Information

The HSE Course Description Guide mission is to promote respect, foster pride, and inspire excellence. Our Beliefs include:

  • Education is a shared responsibility among the student, family, school, and community.
  • The pursuit of excellence in education justifies the investment of time, effort, and resources.
  • Education is a journey, not a destination.
  • Taking risks and learning from mistakes provide opportunities for growth.
  • Promoting civic responsibility is advantageous to both the student and the community.
  • In providing opportunities for individual creativity, achievement, and a healthy life style.
  • The exposure to cultural diversity encourages tolerance, respect, and acceptance in cross-cultural situations.
  • Our values are accountability, teamwork, responsibility, creativity, excellence, attitude, and collaboration.

Our commitment is to eagerly accept the responsibility for achieving and sustaining excellence. Through efforts to maximize our students’ potential, we are committed to challenging students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and compassionate contributors to the betterment of our environment and society.