College Application Process

Apply early! The Guidance Office needs TWO weeks to process your applications-so plan your timing with that in mind.

Please Note!  For November 1st college deadlines, applications must be in Naviance as submitted by October 15th.  For January 1st deadlines, the application needs to be entered in Naviance as submitted by Dec. 5.

Steps for Applying to College

1. Complete an on-line application with a college through their web site.

2. To request your transcript and school portion of your application:  Go to your account in Naviance. The website link is available on the front page of the HSEHS website.

  • Under the “Colleges” tab of your account open ”Colleges I am Applying To” and add all colleges you are applying to in the area identified as “add to my list”.  Be sure to check your request for a transcript and that you have submitted your application.  Both boxes are available when you enter your college.

  • A Secondary School Report (SSR form) will be automatically generated through Naviance for colleges and your counselor will complete it on-line.

  • If you need a teacher recommendation you may request this through your Naviance Account as well.  You must ask your teacher in person prior to requesting through Naviance.  Be sure your teacher accepts your request to complete a recommendation.  This request area is on the same screen in Naviance as “Colleges I Am Applying To”.

  • You will be able to track the progress on your request through your Naviance Account.  If the colleges you applied to require mid-year and/or final reports to be sent, you may request these by coming into the Guidance Office.

  • If you are using the Common Application, you must register with them and set up an account.  This account information must be matched to your Naviance account and the FERPA waiver completed in your Common App account when you are competing your Common App Application.

3. Send SAT/ACT Scores – Go to for to send ACT scores.  Go to to send SAT scores.  These will be reported directly to the universities or colleges you request from the testing companies.   Hamilton Southeastern does not report scores to colleges.

4. If you have a college in your list that does not accept electronic submission of application information there will be a $2.00 fee for each school.