Advanced Placement Courses and Exams

Hamilton Southeastern High School offers 29 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These courses are college level courses and the curriculum is designed and monitored by The College Board. Students in these courses are expected to participate in the Advanced Placement Testing Program implemented in May of each year. Students in these courses have the opportunity, through the Advanced Placement test results, to earn college credit for coursework completed in high school. The academic rigor of these courses necessitates somewhat restrictive recommendations for enrollment.

We believe that all college bound students should complete at least one Advanced Placement course prior to graduation from Hamilton Southeastern High School.

Students and parents, therefore, should plan to enroll in Honors courses preceding Advanced Placement courses in the subject of interest. The student's guidance counselor is a valuable resource in this planning process.

If you missed the deadline for exam registration, please contact Mrs. Jackson in the main office or Mrs. Bright in the CCA office at 317-594-4190.

AP Documents and Forms

AP documentation not available at this time.