Message from Principal Thomas

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a 21st century education that meets the needs, abilities, and interests of all students while building meaningful relationships and academic self-confidence.

Normal School Hours and Schedules

Our normal school hours are 8:55 A.M. - 3:40 P.M.

Our vision is for all students to be independent, lifelong learners who use their individual gifts and problem solving skills to lead meaningful lives and serve others.>

School Climate and Culture

Geist Elementary is a school where its positive culture is evident as soon as you walk into the school. Various initiatives are teacher led and supported. With school wide PBIS programs, emphasis on creating positive relationships, and allowing students to learn through various student generated projects, Geist Elementary School's culture creates amazing things every day.

GES culture supports teachers in various ways. We have math, reading, HSE21 and grade level team leaders that help to guide individuals in their growth needs. Specific differentiated PD is provided to teachers based on needs and interests. Teachers are allowed to observe other teachers in our building as well as within our district. Teachers teaching teachers becomes the foundation for our professional development culture. We have an instructional coach that meets with individual teachers assist in professional growth. We support and encourage our teachers to be creative and think outside the box in working with our children.

As part of the school wide PBIS programming, the Geist Elementary staff is constantly asking themselves the question, “how can we continue to engage and motivate students?” In our classrooms you will find student created anchor charts, student created classroom rules, and student led discussions that range from what they are currently reading to how they as students can assist other students who have test anxiety. What better way to engage students than getting them to take part and start to own the environment around them. A fantastic example on how Geist Elementary School staff motivates students is by their monthly character traits and the Gator of the Month award. Each month in the school year has a character trait assigned to it. During the month, students will learn about a character trait (empathy, initiative, self-control, and gratitude are a few examples) and create classroom goals where they will work to demonstrate their character trait. As students do great things in the classroom they will earn Gator Tickets. These tickets will allow them to be entered into a drawing to see who Gator of the Month is. Each Gator of the Month will then be honored along with their parents during lunch in front of all of their peers.

Engaging students into problem solving real world school issues is another way Geist Elementary School promotes a fantastic learning environment for its students. Recently a 3rd grader noticed there was lots of trash on the playground that the wind blew after a strong storm. She asked a staff member if there were any trashcans she could place outside. Rather than just buying a trashcan, the student and staff members decided this would be an excellent learning opportunity for the student and guided her to plan, research, and create a proposal on why she felt trashcans were needed outside. The student then took her proposal to Geist Elementary PTO and school principal and was granted funds for the project.

Walking into Geist Elementary as a student of any age means having the possibility of learning as soon as they walk in the doors. Teachers who go above and beyond what is expected to create meaningful relationships with their students. Feeling this support and trust from the teachers, students are given the freedom to learn how they want to learn. The culture of Geist Elementary is something amazing to be a part of.

Engaging Families and Communities

Geist Elementary families value and promote community involvement. GES has utilized several successful strategies to bring together the staff, families and community members for the betterment of the school. To begin each year, families are invited into the school for a social event. This is a time for parents, new and old, to become acquainted with the staff. This also allows for all families in the school to gather, reconnect after summer break, and meet the classroom teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Another way the community is involved is with the annual school fundraiser and festival. The parents, staff and students of GES participate in the Gator Gallop fundraiser. This is a large event that promotes exercise as well as community involvement. Students receive pledges from outside sources as they "gallop" around a track for a day full of fun. Each student also wears a t-shirt decorated with community business logos. All surrounding businesses are contacted and given the opportunity to become involved with this large event. To wrap up the night, the Fall Festival takes place at the school. This is a time for the students to have fun playing games and participate in various other activities. The evening ends with a silent auction that is sponsored by many community businesses. This one day of fun is not only a day when the community is welcomed into Geist Elementary, but it is also the main fundraiser of the year because of its great success.

Another event that promotes community involvement is Marketplace. This project allows for classrooms of different grades levels to team up, collaborate, and create a product at the school market. Students have the chance to receive a loan from the PTO to purchase materials needed to make the items that are sold at the Marketplace. On the day of the big event, the entire community is invited into the school to purchase the products that are made. The profits from each group are then donated to charities in the community.

Geist Elementary is known for its Veteran’s Day production. For this celebration, all Veterans in the school community are invited and honored on this day. The festivity includes patriotic songs from the school choir, poems and essays read by the writing contest winners, as well as local guest speakers.

Geist Elementary works hard to involve and support our community. Our community members help in the judging of our school science fair. In addition a local group of adults come into Hamilton Southeastern Schools and provide tutoring for second grade students. The Geist Elementary community is important and contributes to the success of our school.


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