National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

The National Junior Honor Society selection is a three step process which begins in February of a student’s seventh grade year. 

The initial qualification is a semester grade point average of 10.0 (on a 12-point scale).  This academic cutoff meets the NJHS goal of scholarship.  No student is eligible without meeting this GPA requirement first.

The second phase of the selection process is to complete an application that details school and community involvement, and service activities.  The application phase includes a personal essay of the candidate’s character, leadership, and citizenship.  The application also requires letters of recommendation.  The faculty council reviews each application and selects candidates for probationary membership.

The third phase involves the completion of the leadership night.  This evening is not only critical to develop leadership and teamwork, but also to set a chapter direction.  We elect officers for the upcoming year to serve on the executive council.

Excellent character must be maintained.  All violations of our chapter’s code of conduct will result in a disciplinary hearing in front of the honor code community of peers. 

Lastly, each candidate MUST earn 50 hours of community service.  Hours can be earned through NJHS sponsored events or outside service projects.  The student must earn 10 hours in the fourth nine weeks of 7th grade; 10 hours in the first 9 weeks of 8th grade; 10 hours in the second 9 weeks of 8th grade; 10 hours in the third 9 weeks of 8th grade; then 10 additional hours earned at any time.  The student must also participate in at least one NJHS sponsored event each of the nine weeks listed prior.

Successful completion of the program will culminate in the NJHS Induction Ceremony held in May of the student’s 8th grade year.

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