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Activities, Organizations and Clubs

Academic Team

Our Academic team represents FJH in 5-7 academic competitions throughout the year. One of our competitions is specifically a spelling competition, one is an essay contest, while the rest quiz students over a variety of subjects. This team is open to anyone interested in Jeopardy style gaming. Two of our competitions are limited and we select team members to represent the school. In all other competitions the entire team participates. The team meets after school on Tuesdays until 4:30 for practices. The team typically has around 30 students participating. Co-sponsored by Maureen Randall and Michelle Subler

For more information, please contact Maureen Randall at

Best Buddies

Best Buddies gives students with special needs the opportunity to interact and have friendships with their typical peers in and out of the school setting. Anyone can be part of the Best Buddies chapter and attend monthly chapter events. Through an application process, some members are paired with a student with special needs for a one to one friendship. These pairs see or talk to each other at least once a week, go on at least one outing together a month, and attend the monthly chapter event together. Being part of Best Buddies is a great opportunity to form new friendships and gain a better understanding of those with special needs.

For more information, please contact Andy Schomburg at

Campus Life

Campus Life offers junior high students opportunities for friendship, fun, & growth. Club meetings are a high energy, fun filled atmosphere that allows students to enjoy friendships while also diving into topics that pertain to them. Besides the weekly, topical meetings, there are area events like Fall Frenzy, Spring Fling, and YFC camp that students can participate in.

For more information, please contact Dan Hillen at

Charger Gardening Gang

In May of 2015 the CGG broke ground on our very own educational organic vegetable garden on the north side of the FJH campus. It features perennials, annuals, root crops and greens to ensure that it will flourish all season long! We meet in the fall and the spring and will resume meetings in February. Co-sponsored by Steve Baney and Kim Beaulieu

For more information, please contact Steve Baney at

Charger Television (CTV)

Student produced video broadcast of fun, news, sports & events of FJH; open to all students. Team members will attend after school events in addition to a weekly team meeting. All members have the opportunity to participate in all areas of the broadcast: script writer, videographer, reporter and video editor.

For more information, please contact Valerie Ax at

Dance Company

Comprised of 7th and 8th grade students who enjoy all types of dance. The company performs different styles of dance, including ballet, hip hop, jazz, and modern. The FJH Dance Company performs a recital in the spring. They also perform at select basketball games. Sponsored by Tabatha Brown and Donna Schiele.

For more information, please contact Tabatha Brown at

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination Participants: 3rd-12th grade students Description: Destination Imagination® is a creative problem-solving program for students. They work on predetermined challenges that focus on STEAM principles. Teams of seven members or less work together to create, design, and present a solution that is completely student created without any adult interference. The students learn teamwork, innovation, solving problems, budgeting, presentation skills, and conflict resolution. Teams perform their solutions at a local/state tournament. To get your child involved attend student callout meeting on August 31st. For more details about the meeting and HSE DI go to

For more information, please contact at (317) 594-4150.

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Drama - Fall Musical or Fall Play (alternate years)

Auditions for the fall performance are in September and are open to both 7th and 8th grade students. All students, regardless of experience, are encouraged to participate. The play or musical takes place in November. Co-sponsored by Amanda Cornet and Deb Kletch

For more information, please contact Amanda Cornet at

Elite Gaming Club

Do you like playing video games and hanging out with friends? Then this is the club for you! Studies show that playing video games in a positive environment can increase cognitive skills, critical thinking, and attentiveness, which then helps students in the classroom. We will also focus on student confidence, working with peers in a competitive environment, building resilience, developing positive sportsmanship, and learning to be self-driven and self-motivated. Top performing students will compete in December for the chance to win at least $400 and again in May for cash prizes as well!

For more information, please contact Jamie Melling at

Energy Action Patrol

is a club that promotes energy awareness and energy conservation. We meet during BEST and after school to discuss ways of saving energy by changing behavior and through the use of technology. We conduct an energy audit each month of FJH and promote energy conservation by making posters or by producing a segment for CTV.

For more information, please contact Tom Petersen at

Film Club

Film Club is open to students who appreciate the art of motion pictures. In Film Club we will watch, analyze, critique, and even make our own films. Films will range from the early films of the ‘20s and ’30s to new blockbusters that have been released within the last few years. We will look at soundtracks, camera angles, color choices, and mis-en-scene. What is it? Find out in Film Club!

For more information, please contact Kurt Henderson at

Fitness Council

The fitness council is a group of 7th and 8th grade students who are interested in providing Fishers Junior High with opportunities to be healthy. We work with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program to sponsor events throughout the school year that promote healthy eating and being active for 60 minutes a day. We also participate in activities throughout the year sponsored by the Big 10. Yearly activities include a healthy tailgate and powder puff football game, a family fitness night, and the end of the year fitness field day. We meet weekly during BEST from September – May. If you have a passion for sports, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, look to get your application in for this club in August. We limit the club to 30 students per year.

For more information, please contact Andrea McMurtry at

Gay Straight Alliance

The Fishers Jr. High Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) exists to provide a safe, judge-free, environment for the sexual and gender minority youth of our school, those that feel unrepresented, and their allies. Furthermore, the GSA, will strive to educate both its members and the members of the wider community on the issues faced by LGBTQ youth, and to combat the presence of intolerance in our society through the promotion of equality, understanding, and acceptance. Meetings vary based on a theme each month and dates and times of meetings will be in the announcements.

For more information, please contact Michelle Subler at

GEMS (Girls Empowerment Meeting)

To empower our Fishers Junior High girls by providing them with a positive, supportive and nurturing environment. Our group will discuss social, educational, cultural, physical and recreational topics. To polish our “GEMS” so they can sparkle and shine!! The girls have opportunities to meet with several community leaders as we help them grow from “girls to young ladies.” We meet every other week all year during BEST and end the year with a banquet in May. Sponsored by Tabatha Brown and Donna Schiele.

For more information, please contact Tabatha Brown at

Holocaust Garden

The FJH Holocaust Memorial Garden was dedicated in 2001 after students working with Mrs. Watson wrote the book Indiana Voice of the Holocaust: Teens Talk to Survivors and Liberators. It is the only Hamilton County memorial to the survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide. Volunteers are needed in the fall and spring to both donate plants and to help maintain the grounds, located near the north entrance.

For more information, please contact Kelly Watson at

Kaleidoscope Club

This club celebrates the cultural diversity at FJH. It is a fun club that makes crafts, watches movies, and meets up for international meals; but we also educate ourselves and others on the important people and events that shape our country’s and our world’s history. Thru January and February the club focuses on Black History Month. K Club is open to everyone and meets bi-weekly after school from September through February.

For more information, please contact Maureen Randall at


Students who enjoy math will love this program, as they are challenged while exploring a variety of problems. MATHCOUNTS is a national junior high competition with its goal being to increase interest and ability in mathematics. It is sponsored by such groups as the National Society of Professional Engineers, NASA and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Our students use the same materials as thousands of students in the US and its military bases throughout the world. While the best part of the program is our local practices each week, there will be opportunities for competition at the local, chapter and perhaps state level.

For more information, please contact Jon Baker at

Music - Caroling Chargers

Caroling Chargers is a choral group that meets after school in the fall and winter months to prepare holiday and winter music for special events around the holiday season. Students will typically perform at Hamilton Town Center and senior living communities in the evening. Students must be enrolled in choir during the school day and participate in the audition process. Students selected to be in this ensemble must attend one after-school rehearsal each week until the group ends at the completion of the first semester.

For more information, please contact Cindy Baney at

Music - Jazz Band

The jazz band is an auditioned band that is open to both 7th and 8th graders. The jazz band is comprised primarily of traditional jazz instruments although at the junior high level there have been students who play nontraditional jazz instruments that have been accepted in the past such as the clarinet and the French horn. The jazz band performs at the regular band concerts in both December and May and practices regularly after school for 1 hour.

For more information, please contact Todd Lehman at

Music - Pep Band

The Pep Band is open to students who have played for at least one year. Pep Band meets for several of the boys and girls basketball games and is a great source of pride for Fishers Junior High. The fee for participation in this event covers the cost of a Pep Band T-Shirt and the music that is performed for the games. Pep Band meets for a few rehearsals before the first ball game and generally plays at least at one game for each the boys and girls basketball games.

For more information, please contact Todd Lehman at

Music - Strolling Strings

The Strolling Strings Ensemble is open to any student with one year of experience and performs around the community for various school and public events. These students are also featured at school concerts. Events that the students perform for are: SCI Book Fair, Caroling at the Pacers Basketball Game, Community Hospital performances, the Indianapolis Zoo, Star Spangled Banner at various events, Cookies & Santa event.

For more information, please contact Amanda Cornet at

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

An academic organization dedicated to building leaders through community service. The National Junior Honor Society selection is a three step process which begins in February of a student’s seventh grade year. The initial qualification is a semester grade point average of 10.0 (on a 12-point scale). This academic cutoff meets the NJHS goal of scholarship. No student is eligible without meeting this GPA requirement first. The second phase of the selection process is to complete an application that details school and community involvement, and service activities. The application phase includes a personal essay of the candidate’s character, leadership, and citizenship. The application also requires letters of recommendation. The faculty council reviews each application and selects candidates for probationary membership. The third phase involves the completion of the leadership night. This evening is not only critical to develop leadership and teamwork, but also to set a chapter direction. We elect officers for the upcoming year to serve on the executive council. Excellent character must be maintained. Any violations of our chapter’s code of conduct will result in a disciplinary hearing in front of the honor code community of peers. Lastly, each candidate MUST earn 50 hours of community service. Hours can be earned through NJHS sponsored events or outside service projects. The student must earn 10 hours in the fourth nine weeks of 7th grade; 10 hours in the first 9 weeks of 8th grade; 10 hours in the second 9 weeks of 8th grade; 10 hours in the third 9 weeks of 8th grade; then 10 additional hours earned at any time. The student must also participate in at least one NJHS sponsored event each of the nine weeks listed prior. Successful completion of the program will culminate in the NJHS Induction Ceremony held in May of the student’s 8th grade year.

For more information, please contact Tony Sturgeon at

Rook 'n Roll Chess Club

Students learn the fundamentals of the game and then use what they have learned in playing the game against peers and teachers. The club concludes with a double elimination chess tournament. All abilities are welcome.

For more information, please contact Tom Petersen at

Science Fair

An exhibition where students display scientific experiments and tests that they have created. Each project in the fair demonstrates that a student understands the scientific method and can apply it, while having an independent, hands on learning experience. Students begin planning and working on their science fair projects in December. Winners of the science fair are invited to participate in the Central Indiana regional science fair held in Indpls.

For more information, please contact Deb Kletch at

Scrapbook and Card Making

Do you like to create fun projects with pictures? Do you enjoy stickers and glue? Scrapbook & Card making Club meets on a regular basis each semester. We meet Wednesdays after school until 4:15PM. We usually have three sessions involving card making related to holidays, birthdays and get well type topics. The other sessions involve making a 6X6 scrapbook. Each semester has a small fee ranging from $10-$15 to help cover supplies and the small scrapbooks. The club is limited to 16 students per semester. At the beginning of the semester announcements and sign-ups are held. The calendar is posted and students receive an invitation to their first session.

For more information, please contact Kim Larrabee at

Speech Team

Speech team is a great opportunity for students to connect at FJHS. It is also a wonderful way for students to gain confidence in public speaking as well as learn valuable life lessons in a fun atmosphere. Students who participate on the speech team will, with guidance from the coaches, chose a category to compete in for the season. They will independently learn their specific pieces, practice weekly with the team and compete at approximately 5 meets per year. Some categories that past students have competed in include: Prose, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu, Discussion, Poetry, Declamation, Scripted or memorized duo and Extemporaneous. Call outs are scheduled for early September and practices are every Wednesday until 4:30. The season typically ends in early February. There is a cost to participate which includes materials, transportation and a team t-shirt. This team is open for both 7th and 8th grade students.

For more information, please contact Tony Sturgeon at

Stigma Free

The Fishers Junior High Stigma Free Club exists to raise awareness of the mental health issues that teens face. We will strive to educate and help eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental health. Our hope is that students will realize they are not alone and seek help when needed or be brave enough to seek a trusted adult when a peer may need help. Meetings will occur twice a month after school until 4pm. The days we meet may vary due to activities planned, but will be in the announcements.

For more information, please contact Sarah Evans at

Student Council

This leadership organization is an opportunity for any FJH student to take an active role in school functions. Our activities are student-lead cooperative endeavors that vary from school improvement to community service opportunities. There are four main projects each year. Students must meet the grade requirement of no F’s for any nine weeks to be in this organization. Student council meetings take place either at 7am or during BEST period. There are approximately eight meetings during the year. Co-sponsored by Karen Bowen and Michelle Subler

For more information, please contact Karen Bowen at

Visual Art Open Studio

Open Studio is available to any student enrolled in an art class (and invited friends). Students may come before or stay after school on days designated by the teacher to create art: extra time to work on projects, seeking advice on how to make a work of art of his/her choosing and to just make art for fun. Open Studio typically evolves in to a club as people who love making art in the company of others making art are repeat attenders! Students should contact their art teacher (Kheira Adda, Julie Strawhacker, or Amanda Wade) for more information.

For more information, please contact Julie Strawhacker at

Winter Guard

Note: Program meets at Riverside Junior High. Winter Guard is a competitive activity of color guards (the flag, rifle, & sabre groups that are usually part of high school marching bands) learning and performing routines indoors to pre-recorded music. The Corporation JV Winter Guard is open to all 7th & 8th graders from Fall Creek Junior High, Fishers Junior High, Hamilton Southeastern Junior High, and Riverside Junior High, making this the ONLY extra-curricular activity in our district that unites students from rival schools. The intent of our winter guard program is to develop and educate students on sportsmanship, professionalism, equipment technique, body movement, and citizenship. Although this is a competitive activity, our primary goals are to instill moral values into our members & to enjoy what we are doing.

For more information, please contact Erin Gray at

Writing Club

The Writing Club is a group of FJH students with a common love of English--including short stories, novels, poetry, and song writing--who gather to create, share work for feedback, listen to visiting authors discuss their writing process, and help publish an FJH literary review.

For more information, please contact Kelly Watson at

Yoga Club

Yoga Club is open to all FJH students and staff, and meets in room C105 every Thursday after school from 3:00-4:00 p.m. No experience is necessary. The purpose of yoga is to unite breath with movement creating a sense of calm and relaxation. Its physical benefits include strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Mentally yoga promotes focus, concentration, and stress relief. Participants will learn to combine basic breathing techniques through a series of postures (asanas) that focus on strength, endurance, and flexibility.

For more information, please contact Angela Compton at