HSE expanding high ability program

Release Date: February 2nd, 2012

Hamilton Southeastern Schools is expanding its high ability program services. It is adding self-contained high ability classrooms for students in first and second grade to align with current programming in Grades 3-6. The district will begin screening all students currently enrolled in Grades K-4 in HSE Schools for possible selection for these classes beginning in February. Students currently in Grades 5-8 are placed according to past academic performance. Students enrolling in kindergarten for 2012-13 will be screened in their classrooms next year.

Gifted learners benefit from being with peers who challenge them at high cognitive levels. In addition, the rigorous, in-depth curriculum and instructional practices are designed to engage and inspire gifted learners to inquire, explore, create and synthesize information to solve real-world problems. Since gifted learners do not need as many repetitions to master content, the curriculum can be accelerated covering more material in more depth than in a general education classroom.

To identify students for the program, the district will administer a screening test and consider student achievement data to determine if a student qualifies for further testing. Candidates who qualify will complete additional cognitive and achievement level tests. The screening process will begin in February in each district elementary and intermediate school with the second round of testing in April. The selection committee will review student data, identify students and contact their parents in May.

Students new to the district must be enrolled at HSE Schools prior to starting the testing process and will be tested at a centralized location. Contact 594-4100 for enrollment information or questions.

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