Naviance Advising System

What can Naviance do?

Click here to watch a short video about what Naviance can do for you!

Ninth Grade and Naviance: Career Road Trip

Sophomores and Naviance

Juniors and Naviance

Seniors and College Application Process

Naviance Planning and Advising System

Fishers High School is pleased to introduce Naviance, a secure web-based planning and advising system that helps students and parents navigate through high school and explore post high school options.

What can Naviance do?

  • Determine your student’s personality and career interests. This is called “Do What You Are” through Family Connection
  • Gain insight into how your student learns to help them achieve their maximum potential. You can access “Learning Style” through your Family Connection. If it proves to be too lengthy and the assessment is done in segments be sure to select the “finish Later” icon.
  • Search and match college by specific criteria
  • Compare Colleges
  • Display scattergrams and application statistics from FHS
  • Compile college plans
  • Track applications
  • Receive emails from the Fishers HS Guidance Office on upcoming college representative visits and other Guidance Office events
  • Research 12th grade scholarship opportunities

Students receive their Naviance login information during the Fall of their Freshman year. Any other student or parent who does not have their Naviance login and password information should contact the FHS Guidance Office at 915-4293.

To access your family connection go to: (This link will take you away from our site)