College Application Process Using Naviance eDocs

  • Complete the actual college application on each college’s website or some colleges require The Common Application instead. To see if your college requires Common App, visit

  • If you are applying via Common App, fill it out on

  • The following instructions are for requesting transcripts, counselor recommendations and teacher recommendations through Naviance.  All SAT and ACT scores should be sent via their respective companies: (for SAT) and (for ACT). 

After you have submitted your application and are ready to request your transcript:

  1. Log into your Naviance account at  If you don’t remember your password, please use the “forgot your password?” link on the sign-in page or contact the Guidance Office.

  2. Click on the Colleges Tab

  3. Click on Colleges I’m Applying To

  4. Click on Add to this List

  5. Click Lookup to add a college to your list

  6. Choose the Application Type (Regular Decision, Early Decision ,Early Action)

  7. Check the box Request Transcript – this will send the request to the FHS Guidance Naviance account.  When your transcript has been sent, it will be marked “Sent”.  Allow two weeks for your application materials to be completed by the Guidance Office and give the college at least two to three weeks to show your Transcript as being “Received” (on their website, etc.)

  8. Check the box I have Submitted My Application

  9. Click Add Colleges

  10. If the college you are applying to accepts either their own application or Common App, click on either Directly to the Institution or Via Common App

  11. If you are using Common App, complete the Common App Account Matching.  If you are not using Common App for any of your college applications, scroll down and click on Not Needed.

  12. If you need a transcript for the NCAA or NAIA, Follow the same steps that are listed above.

  13. If you need a transcript for a scholarship or an athletic coach, click on the Colleges tab, then scroll down to Resources and click on Transcripts, then click on Request Transcripts for Scholarships or Athletics. 

Teacher Recommendations:

  1. Click on your Colleges tab.
  2. Click on Letters of Recommendation
  3. Click Add Request
  4. Click the dropdown menu and choose the teacher from the list (make sure you have personally asked this teacher prior to this request and that your Resume is updated in Naviance)
  5. Add a personal note for the teacher (optional).
  6. Click Submit Request – this will send an email to the teacher stating your request and will add the request to the teacher’s Naviance account. It will also record that you have requested it in your Naviance account