Background Check Information for Parents, School Visitors and Volunteers

Hamilton Southeastern Schools is committed to the well being and safety of all of our students and campuses during the school day and extracurricular events. As part of our school safety plans, we require that all parent volunteers and visitors, who will interact with students, have a criminal history check and complete an anti-bullying webinar every three years.

In planning for the 2016-2017 school year, we have upgraded our criminal-history-check process to be more efficient and enhance safety procedures at the building level. If your background check and anti-bullying training are still current (within the last three years), you will receive the following:

  • A Safe Visitor I.D. card. Along with email notification, each approved applicant will receive an I.D. card with a special bar code that can be printed or scanned into your SMART device for easier access when visiting our campuses.
  • A photo badge issued at each visit. Upon presentation of your Safe Visitor I.D. card or valid driver’s license, office staff will assist you with taking your photo and issue a visitor’s badge if one is not already on file. The photo will be saved in our district-wide system to be used at each visit, regardless of campus.

If you are a first-time parent volunteer/visitor or if your background check and anti-bullying training requires renewal, please click the following link to begin the application process now:

Note, that most background checks take a minimum of 3 days to run.  If you are unsure of your background check status, you may inquire by emailing FCI front office staff at

Thank you for doing your part to make our schools safe and events safe places for students to learn and grow.

***Additionally on your first visit you will need to allow for a few minutes to have your picture taken to be kept on file.***

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