Normal School Hours and Schedules

Our normal school hours are 8:55 A.M. - 3:40 P.M.

Mission Statement

At Durbin Elementary, we believe all children can learn. The instructional staff at Durbin Elementary will create a school environment that engages students in academic work with high expectations. Through student support teams and intense strategy instruction, we are confident that the diverse student population can master challenging curriculum and meet high levels of achievement. We will work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this shared educational experience

More About Our School

Download2015-16 Student Handbook (PDF < 1 MB)
DownloadFAQ about KDG enrollment (PDF < 1 MB)
DownloadOur School's History (PDF < 1 MB)
DownloadSchool Improvement Process (PDF 1.41 MB)
DownloadKG Round Up Info 15-16 (PDF < 1 MB)
KG packet that includes all necessary information needed for KG Round Up-April 17th 5-7 pm
Download KG School Supply List-15/16 (PDF < 1 MB)
KG School Supply List
Download1st Grade School Supply List-15/16 (PDF < 1 MB)
1st Grade School Supply List
Download2nd Grade School Supply List-15/16 (PDF < 1 MB)
Download3rd Grade School Supply List-15/16 (PDF < 1 MB)
Download4th Grade School Supply List-15/16 (PDF < 1 MB)