Background Check Information for Parents, School Visitors and Volunteers

A Safe Visitor background check is required for anyone who visits our schools, including family members of our students. Background checks are good for three years at any school in the district.

Please view the two-minute video below regarding school visits:

SafeVisitor Tutorial

SafeVisitor Tutorial with Subtitles

If you have filled out a background check in the past for our district and are unsure whether it has expired, please contact Vicki Foutty at

If your background check has expired or you have never submitted a background check, please click on the link below to submit one.

(This process takes 3 - 5 business days.)

State mandated anti-bullying training webinar - The Anti-Bullying training webinar is embedded in the Safe Visitor background check. Electronic acknowledgement is required after viewing in order to proceed with the criminal history application.

Click here to view the presentation in PDF format....

Click here to view the presentation in PDF format in Spanish...