2016 HSE Referendum Passes!

Dear HSE School Community, 

You have spoken with a strong majority vote that our students’ education is a priority, and the passage of the 2016 HSE Schools Referendum with over 71% of the vote attests to this fact.  The students and teachers of Hamilton Southeastern Schools have an amazing set of champions.  And to those champions, we offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Many of these champions are mothers, fathers, grandparents, business owners, and friends who made a choice to make this community their home because of the quality of schools.  Their commitment to action is that same commitment that has made HSE a vibrant, innovative school corporation not only for their children, but for many thousands of other students. The 2016 referendum campaign was a response to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of requests to see that our students always receive the finest education we can offer.  

The decision made yesterday by voters speaks volumes regarding the high level of confidence our residents place in us. We do not take that lightly, we appreciate that show of confidence, and we view that as a positive challenge for us to take this school district to the next level. Hamilton Southeastern Schools will enthusiastically rise to the challenge!

Thank you,
HSE Schools

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