Transfer Options and Appeals

This page contains information on all available transfer options.

Moving to a Different HSE School

If you are moving and will be attending a different HSE school, please submit proof of residency to your CURRENT school. All documents / student records will be forwarded to the new school.

Transfer Appeal Information

If you would like your child to attend a different school other than your home school or if you have not taken possession of your home/apartment, you will need to submit a transfer appeal request.

Can I transfer if I live outside of the district?

Hamilton Southeastern Schools does NOT accept outside transfers due to the lack of space.

Am I allowed to transfer to another school within the district?

If you are currently in the HSE district you must complete a Transfer Appeal requesting a transfer to another school (see steps for appeal below).

Senior Rights

Students who have completed their junior year at FHS or HHS may complete their senior year regardless of their residency (student must provide transportation). If a student moves outside the district in his/her junior year he/she must complete a Transfer Appeal in order to complete their senior year at FHS or HHS.

Steps and approximate wait time for transfer appeals

  • Print and complete a Transfer Appeal request form above
  • Attach a detailed paragraph regarding circumstances/situation for request.
  • Attach Homeowner’s and Renter’s Statement of Residency Form found here
  • If residing outside the district provide original lease or purchase agreement.
  • Submit request to school where you are requesting attendance (during summer submit to central office).
  • Depending on the circumstances a response from the committee may take as little as three days or as long as two weeks.
  • Contact at the central office: Julie Hays -

Withdrawing from HSE

In order to withdraw from HSE schools, you will need to contact your school directly.