Residency Requirements

Legal settlement of the student is the school corporation whose attendance area contains the residence of the parent with whom the student is living. I.C. 20-26-11-2.

The residence of a child is determined by the residence of his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s). This place of residence must be within HSE district boundaries for the child(ren) to attend HSE Schools. Persons who present misinformation to the district concerning place of residence should expect the removal of the child(ren) from classes and retroactive billing for the daily tuition rate. If there is any question as to whether a residence is within HSE attendance boundaries, please call the central office at (317) 594-4100 for verification or refer to the subdivision-to-school reference list mentioned in step 1 above.

Before any student is assigned to attend a Hamilton Southeastern School, the student’s parent or legal guardian* must prove legal residence within the attendance boundaries. Families whose primary residence is outside Hamilton Southeastern attendance boundaries are not eligible to attend Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

All applicants must submit at least three proofs of residency. Documents must be pre-printed with the name and address of the student’s parent or guardian* and must be presented at the time of registration.

These documents also will be required for any change of address