HSE Enrollment Information

You can enroll your child during the school year by following these simple steps.

1 - Determine your Child's School

You will want to refer to the school boundary maps to see what school your child will be attending.

We have 21 school buildings in our district:

  • 12 Elementary Schools: Kindergarten through 4th Grades
  • 4 Intermediate Schools*: 5th - 6th Grades
  • 4 Junior High Schools*: 7th - 8th Grades
  • 2 High Schools: 9th - 12th Grades

*Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate and Junior High School share the same building

The school your student will attend is determined by your home address.  If you have not taken possession of your home/apartment, you will need to submit a transfer appeal .

2 - Gather Documentation for Registration

You will need all of the following in order to register your child.

3 - Enroll Your Child Online

Once you have gathered all information, you may begin enrollment at the new student online enrollment website listed below. Kindergarten students may enroll before kindergarten round up using this method as well.


If you already have children in the district, you can enroll your new student through family access.


Please contact your child's school and they will help you. For a directory of school, please click on the following link. School Directory


In addition, guidance appointments are necessary at the junior high and high school grade levels in order to place your child in the correct courses. Please contact your school's guidance office to set this up.

Elementary and intermediate students do NOT need to set up an appointment with a guidance counselor, although it is recommended you at least meet with them for any reasons you may deem necessary.

Admission to First Grade

A child residing in the Hamilton Southeastern Schools and having successfully completed a Kindergarten Program - public, private, homeschool is eligible to enter grade one. Children not having completed a Kindergarten program will be assessed for proper placement.

Click here for information regarding early entrance to first grade...

Preschool of the Natural Sciences

Registration for Preschool of the Natural Sciences is a little different then the above process.  Please visit our web page for more information on this program.