Teachers during work session

Professional Development

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Since strong teachers are our most valuable resource, ongoing professional learning is a central tenet of HSE21. In addition to district- and building-wide learning opportunities, several teachers in each building have been designated as HSE21 Trainers. These colleagues, having participated in 40+ hours professional development centered on inquiry, problem-based learning, and 21st century skills instruction, are equipped to offer valuable peer training and support for fellow staff members. This professional development would not have been possible without the generous support from each of our PTO’s and the HSE Foundation.

The focus of HSE21 professional development is on Best Practice Instruction and the incorporation of digital tools when appropriate to enhance learning. Teachers are exploring and developing digital course content and increasing proficiency in the use of Blackboard. They are integrating interactive learning tools. Teachers are implementing the use of digital tools for formative and summative assessment. Teachers are encouraged to research and explore the implications that social technologies and other digital tools have for education.

Fortified by their experiences and training in Best Practice Instruction in a 1:1 environment, Hamilton Southeastern teachers are increasingly prepared to lead technology-rich instruction that will engage and challenge students.

Formats for Professional Learning

Face-to-Face Workshops:  These are offered at the district level as well as at the building level. 

HSE Professional Development Blackboard Course:  Each staff member is automatically enrolled in this course and participates in building-level and district -level professional development via learning modules and interactive opportunities.

1:1 Coaching:  Staff members are encouraged to have personal or small group sessions with an Instructional Technology Coach.

Book Studies:  Buildings, departments, and self-initiated groups of staff members meet regularly to discuss commonly-read professional literature.

PLCs:  Whether structured by department, grade level, or team, every teacher is a member of a professional learning community within their school.  These PLCs can work together to plan lessons, plan for technology integration, or problem solve situations specific to their field.