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The mission of HSE21 is to equip students with the content knowledge, unique skills, and new literacies they will need to contribute positively in their communities and succeed in the 21st-century global economy.


  • Fall 2011 - District Technology Committee Formed: Committee consisting of administrators, teachers, parents and students, is formed to research and evaluate current district technology and strategically plan for the future.
  • Winter 2011-12 - Research: District Technology Committee members visit other 1:1 Indiana schools; research existing 1:1 programs, inquiry based learning, 21st Century Skills and education, blended learning, screen time health concerns, and best instructional practices with devices; communicate with other 1:1 educators; and analyze possible devices (cost, hardware capability, education potential, support network, and standardized testing permissions). Representatives of the five final companies present to the committee.
  • Fall 2012 - iPad Selected: School Board reviews presentation of Committee findings and recommendation to proceed. School Board approves recommendation of iPad platform and supports start of Pilot Program.
  • Fall 2012 - Pilot Program Begins: Selected teachers and their students utilize devices and online services to explore new ways to teach and learn. Pilot teachers seek to blend instruction with a balanced perspective of technology integration. The Pilot is currently ongoing. Data from Pilot classrooms is collected and analyzed.
  • Winter 2013 - iPad Pilot Evaluation Report presented to the School Board. School Board approves next phase of plan--teacher iPad roll out.
  • Spring 2013 - iPads for Teachers: Teachers across the district receive iPads. Professional development sessions assist teachers in beginning use and allows for teachers to have ample time to individually explore the potential for the device in their classroom. A ‘Train the Trainer’ model for professional development begins.
  • Summer 2013 - Apple TVs for Teachers: District networks support the installation of an Apple TV in each classroom. Teachers can now wirelessly “mirror” the iPad onto a classroom projector, giving the freedom to teach directly from the device. Apple TV gives teachers a way to enhance their instruction with new tools and services before student-wide iPad rollout takes place.
  • January 2014 - School Board Presentation: The HSE21 team will present possible rollout scenarios to the school board and make a recommendation. At that point, it will be up to the board to approve the recommendation or ask for further information.
  • April 2014: Intermediate Parent 1:1 Roll Out Meetings at each intermediate school.
  • Fall 2014 - 1:1 in grades 5-6 implemented.  Families provide personal devices or rent a device from HSE. Approximately 1500 rentals distributed.
  • Fall 2015 - 1:1 in grades 7-8 implemented.  Families provide personal iPads or rent from the district.
  • Fall 2015 - 1:1 in grades 9-12 implemented using a Bring Your Own Device model.  Families provide personal laptops or tablets or rent an iPad from the district.

The Big Picture

It is our vision for HSE learners to become

  • Inquisitive wonderers who think deeply and critically about content knowledge and complex issues.
  • Collaborators--working with others locally and globally in pursuit of creative solutions to real-world problems while communicating ideas clearly.
  • Competent information users, able to locate information and evaluate sources for accuracy, depth, and quality.
  • Adept users of digital technologies that allow for 24-hour information access, ongoing communication; and the creation and presentation of projects and learning.
  • Responsible users who employ safe and legal use of information and technology

HSE21 will

  • Increase student learning opportunities in every HSE classroom to develop 21st century skills of creative and critical thinking to solve complex problems, collaborate, innovate, and become information literate.
  • Increase student engagement by embedding technology so that teaching and learning environments will transform into learning labs that meet the diverse needs of individual students.
  • Increase professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their knowledge and proficiency of integrating 21st Century Skills, technology, and inquiry/project/problem-based learning into their instructional practice.

Full Implementation by 2016

Fall 2014 Grades 5 - 6 (1:1 iPad)
Fall 2015 Grades 7 - 8 (1:1 iPad)
Grades 9 - 12 (BYOD or Rental)
Fall 2016 Grades K-4 (iPad)
Grade Level Structure TBD