Advanced Placement Courses and College Credit

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program fosters student achievement. Students who take AP courses and AP Exams assume the intellectual responsibility of thinking for themselves and learn to engage the world critically and analytically in and outside of the classroom. By giving high school students an early start on exactly the sort of work they will confront once in college, AP prepares students for future success. Students can earn credit or advanced standing at many colleges and universities on the basis of their AP performance.

Why participate in AP courses?

  • Gain the edge in college preparation
  • Stand out in the college admission process
  • Broaden your intellectual horizons

More Information About AP

CollegeBoard AP Website

Preparing for the AP Exams

Earning College Credit

Advanced College Placement (ACP) courses are college courses taught in high school by college-approved high school staff. Students earn college credit while also meeting Core 40 graduation requirements. Credit earned appears on the official transcript of the college awarding the credit. Students must pay college credit hour fees. Credits earned are transferable to most colleges in the United States. Usually a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher is required in transfer situations.