The purpose of Technology Department is to provide responsive, professional services to ensure that the educational mission is delivered as well as all other business operations within the School Corporation. Our whole model revolves on service, support, and professionalism. We have complex systems in our environment but we have an outstanding staff committed to maintaining those systems so that teachers, staff, and students can benefit from a state of the art technology infrastructure.

Technology Department Staff

Jeff Harrison Director of Educational Technology
Tom Kouns Director of Infrastructure Technology
Chris Corbit Applications and Infrastructure Manager
Kim Satterly Technology and Infrastructure Manager
Kaaren Southerland Data Systems Manager
Matthew Rosenberger Database and Development Engineer
Brad Silbert Infrastructure Project Engineer
Chris Reinking Senior Systems Administrator
Brad Banter Junior Network Administrator
Buffy Newman Procurement and Resources Coordinator
Kerri Golden Technology 1:1 Specialist
Sharon Calderone Resource Specialist
Laurie Elixman Data Systems and Analysis
Ann Gallaher Data Systems and Analysis
Lori Dather Data Systems and Analysis
Kelly Moore Technology Integration Specialist
Susan Drumm Technology Integration Specialist
Rick Akers Building Technology Specialist
Joe Krutsick Building Technology Specialist
Susan Moriarty Building Technology Specialist
Diane Knight Building Technology Specialist
Brett Corbit Building Technology Specialist
Mark Amstutz Building Technology Specialist
Cathy James Building Technology Specialist
Brad Ferris Building Technology Specialist