Dr. Brian Smith, Superintendent

A Message from Dr. Brian Smith, Superintendent

We’re excited to have a construction project as well as a curriculum initiative under way during the 2013-14 school year. HSE Schools will begin the construction of 1,000-student academy additions at each of its two high schools as well as continue teacher training and integration of new 21st century instructional and learning strategies across our district.

We appreciate our community’s support in passing the capital referendum in May that allowed the district to accommodate growing high school enrollment. The structures will include specially-designed space for the academies, expanded PE and arts areas to meet needs of larger enrollment and flexible spaces to facilitate collaboration along with small and large group project work. With ground breaking in the fall of 2013, completion will come in July of 2015. With that expansion, HSEHS freshmen will again attend classes on the main campus, and the Freshman Center will be converted to a much-needed middle grade building.

In addition, the HSE 21 initiative will help our educators transform their teaching to better prepare our students for the world into which they will graduate. While that requires emphasizing educational fundamentals, it also means learning how to access appropriate information, develop strong communication skills as well as become confident, effective users of technology. Four half-days of professional development, voluntary training sessions over the summer, peer teacher coaches and additional resources are helping our staff make shifts in classroom instruction. As a result, teachers will include more “real world,” project-based, collaborative activities that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our enrollment reached over 20,200 students this year, and we are working hard to provide the best services possible for each one. New professional development opportunities and technology are energizing our educators now. At the same time, we are keeping our eyes on the future. We’re eager to see the new instructional spaces at our high schools take shape and enthused to see our teachers incorporating greater rigor often supported by technology in their lessons. Our goal is to use best practices and learning experiences that will give our students an edge in college or the workplace.